Copy Trade

1st Round Leverex Copy Trade Competition launch
Leverex will open for registrion 50 team members, the first round of Leverex Copy Trade Competition
The contest has set up a prize pool of LEX token as well as other custom-made prizes.

Leverex has prepared Early Bird Benefits For Captains who sign up before the competetion, they will receive benefits.

  1. Share trading position to followers
  2. Marketing support(Telegram AMA/Offical SNS)
  3. LEX token prize (Leverext team will announce specific amount of prize soon)

Special benefits for trader

  1. Refund of 10% trading profit
  2. Share trader position
  1. Sign up bonus 100 USDT
  2. Prize pool of 200K USDT

The top 1 ranker’s position will be exposure on platform banner You can contact us by [email protected]

The LEVEREX trader guidelines are as follows, for your information:

1. Requirements for Traders

Have mature and professional trading strategies;

Have excellent trading records;

Have a strict trading risk management;

Familiar with Leverexmission, vision, and values;

Familiar with Leverex brand value;

Familiar with Leverex product performance;

Willing to grow with Leverex

2. Code of Conduct for Traders

  1. Traders must not publish any bad opinions that might slander and damage Leverex reputation;
  2. Traders must not promise profits to followers to attract followers to copy their orders;
  3. raders need to do their utmost to generate profits for followers and consider the risks of followers promptly, and it is forbidden to wash trades for the pursuit of high yields and high commissions;
  4. Traders must not use high-risk and high-reward trading strategies, which may bring uncontrollable risks to followers;
  5. To protect the interests of followers, traders are not allowed to display, disclose or imply social accounts or contact information in information display places such as nicknames and personal profiles;
  1. Traders are forbidden to use multiple accounts to follow each other and trade. Once discovered, they will be permanently disqualified from copy trading;`
  2. Traders must not perform malicious operations, including but not limited to malicious wash trading that increase the number of followers or capital, otherwise, we will permanently suspend the trader's account;
  3. If any serious consequences are caused by the trader's actions, Leverex will take relevant actions to interfere with the trader's trades, such as disqualifying the trader and suspending the trader's account.

3. Rules for Traders

  1. The trader is not holding more than 10 orders or opened more than 3 two-way positions at the same time when the current position that is making losses for more than 24 hours has not been closed;
  2. Traders have similar opening prices within the same time frame, and the opening and closing times of multiple or multiple accounts tend to be the same;
  1. There are no new trades by the trader in the past seven days.
  2. Violation of any of the above will be punished

4. Penalty

  1. For the first time, according to the severity of the circumstances, the punishment will be an adjustment of trader's ranking, hiding or suspending the trader's authority will be imposed until the rectification is completed;
  1. For another violation, the trader's account will be ceased.