System Trading

A comprehensive overview of algorithmic trading, including its history, benefits, challenges, rules, and processes.

The skills required to plan and implement your own algorithmic trading strategies, and assess the efficacy of a trading model in a real-world market environment.

An informed view on the future of systematic trading and how it’s impacted by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Eager to understand what algorithmic trading strategies have to offer you as a trader, investor, or financial professional

A business leader who wants to leverage algorithmic trading in your firm

Interested in the strategic and technical side of algorithmic trading and the creation of rule-driven trading models

In the early stages of your career at a quantitative finance firm and keen to explore the world of automated trading

A risk, compliance, or legal professional seeking to improve your professional knowledge of algorithmic trading and its regulatory framework

Build an algorithmic trading model

While this programme provides a non-technical introduction to the world of algorithmic trading,it also features optional activities for participants interested in building an algorithmic trading model using Python.These exercises present a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the programme’s theoretical content and real-world market applications.

Once on the programme, you’ll have the choice to complete these activities as they will not count towards your grades. No extra software is required.